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Safety and Security Compliance Solutions for Trucking Companies
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Partnering with transportation companies to help them with compliance in an industry environment that is constantly growing more complex in its safety and security rules, regulations, and requirements is the mission of Northwest Compliance Management LLC.


Whether it is Department of Transportation (DOT), Occupational Health & Safety Administration (OSHA), or Transportation Security Administration (TSA) requirements, transportation companies need proven, affordable help achieving compliance. Our vision is to provide that help and we have the people and experience to make it happen.


To support the transportation industry in the Pacific Northwest by providing transportation companies with:
1. Lower costs by using a contractor instead of a dedicated employee.
2. Keep services focused solely on specific needs.
3. Complete compliance tasks through on-site assistance.

After years of seeing a need, formation of NW Compliance Management, LLC began in September of 2010. With planning, financing, and services developed and ready, the company began reaching out to the industry with
compliance solutions. We took on our first ongoing account in 2011 and look forward to continuing the trend. Becoming the premier compliance management company in the Pacific Northwest is our passion and ultimate objective.



"We are committed to your success!"
d Jones



About Us
Northwest Compliance Management LLC provides a local, low cost, personal, hands-on approach to compliance management. The company can evaluate a client's current status, set up comprehensive compliance programs, and train personnel. Unlike other providers, we can help with on-site management and execution of the compliance programs. Record keeping, safety equipment checks, required meetings, certifications, and more can all be accomplished by us so you don't have to. Let us partner with you for success

What's Said About Us
1. Professionalism, integrity, dependability,

and productivity are just a few words......"

-Robert Hodson, President    Summit NW Corp.

2. "........a dedicated compliance professional."

-Teri Sykes, President  
Airport Drayage Co., Inc.

3. ".........always provides timely, relevant compliance advice."

-Ty Farley, Manager   ADC Transport

4. " that is relevant and engaging."

-Gary Burk, Supervisor   Boise Packaging

Contact Us
Company Name: Northwest Compliance Management LLC
Phone number: 360-721-1347
Fax number: 877-335-2307
Address: 1706 SE 170th Ave, Vancouver WA 98683
E-mail address:
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